This has to be the most appealing hostel we've ever seen. Along with dorm rooms, it’s got an oddball assortment of attractive and private little cabins, which range in size from a two-person number which looks like an oversized outhouse, to a two-story place with a nearly vertical staircase. Clean with truly comfortable beds (no planks and thin mattresses here), none of the cabins have their own baths, but there are plenty of outhouses and communal facilities stategicaly placed around the property. In between the cabins and the hostel beds, pricewise are dome tents, which are set up on raised platforms to keep you off the damp ground and away from the creepy-crawly things.  The hostel is spread out in the low woods along rip-roaring Carlo Creek, which has been known to flood in the spring and knock cabins off their foundations. The architectural centerpiece of the place is The Octagon, a handsome eight-sided lodge where you can play Pictionary by the woodstove, sink into an overstuffed sofa with a book, whip up a meal (in the clean, usable community kitchen—another big money saver!), and socialize with your fellow hostelers, usually a highly international bunch. Cheap shuttle rides to and from the park, backpacking gear rentals, a small natural foods store, a fire pit along the creek, and of course the steady stream of eager, young world travelers, are among the amenities.