This is the most luxurious remote lodge we've ever visited. The cabins are as rustic as you'd want them to be at this location on a lake west of Cook Inlet, at an Iditarod Trail checkpoint, but the service is more like a first-class hotel, with amenities included like massage, yoga groups and cooking classes with the hostess, Kristen Dixon, who is one of Alaska’s most accomplished chefs. Even the wine selection is extraordinary. Outdoors, summer or winter visits are well outfitted. There’s a dog team for guest instruction and use, and instructors to take you cross-country on skis or snowmobiles. During summer, paddle on the lake, float a river, hike trails from the lodge, or use the lodge’s helicopter for glacier or mountain-top excursions or remote fishing (with an additional charge). Airfare from Anchorage is included in the rates, as this hotel is fly-in only.