Five kilometers (3 miles) northwest of town, nestled at the foot of the Taishi Shan Scenic Area (Fengjingqu) is the oldest surviving (A.D. 520) brick pagoda in China, originally part of the Songyue Temple built in 509 as an imperial palace for the Xuan Wu emperor of the Northern Wei. The Tang Gaozong emperor and empress Wu Zetian stayed at this temple every time they visited Song Shan. One of the few relics from the temple still stands today: The gracefully curving, 15-story hollow pagoda is 40m (131 ft.) tall. It features arched doorways and windows at its thick base, and increasingly narrow upper stories separated by layers of stepped brickwork. Today, the pagoda is still beautiful but not well kept, and it seems to attract more bats than humans. Motorcycle taxis run here from the nearby Songyang Academy for around ¥10 each way.