History buffs will want to make a stop here to check out the impressive collection of over 25 reconnaissance, fighter, and bomber planes on display. The  SR-71 Blackbird spy plane is a big draw, with its streamlined, space age look. There's also a serious collection of weaponry, bombs, bomblets, and missiles from various wars and periods in U.S. history. The interesting and educational interactive displays that trace the history of each aircraft are very Ken Burns-esque. You'll also get to climb into planes, check out cockpits, and acquaint yourself with the MOAB, aka the Mother of All Bombs—a 21,000-lb explosive first tested at Eglin Air Force Base in 2003 and hailed as as the most powerful non-nuclear weapon ever designed. Peaceniks will be pleased to know that all artifacts at the museum are just that—artifacts, and all out of commission. Kids are rather mesmerized by the arms here, so expect to spend at least 1 hr.