South Walton's newest state park, Deer Lake consists of 172 acres south of 30A, as well as 1,700 acres south of the highway in which hikers can wander through unmarked trails that meander through native vegetation. Future plans call for the installation of organized hiking trails -- that's how new this park is. A boardwalk across the dunes offers easy access to the beach, where you can picnic, swim, and fish. It also offers a spectacular view of the dune ecosystem, one of 11 natural communities found in the park. The park shares its name with the coastal dune lake within its boundaries and is home to southern magnolias, golden asters, woody goldenrod, scrub oaks, and various species of migratory birds and butterflies. Rare plants such as Gulf Coast lupine, spoonflower, pitcher plants, and Curtiss' sand grass are also found here.