Offbeat and off the beaten path, this 202,000-acre forest in Franklin County, between the Apalachicola and Ochlockonee rivers near Carrabelle, Florida, is a dream come true for outdoorsy types looking to explore 35 miles of rivers, streams, creeks, nature trails, and wildlife, including the bald eagle, Florida black bear, gopher tortoise, and red-cockaded woodpeckers. In fact, the forest is part of the Great Florida Birding Trail. It's also a great spot for fishing and hunting (permits required). As for how it got its name, well, apparently it involves a farmer who went off into the forest looking for the panther that killed his livestock. The farmer got lost for 7 days and was bitten by a snake, and when he finally emerged in Carrabelle, he said, "My name is Cebe Tate, and I just came from hell!" That said, it's a heavenly place for nature lovers, we swear. For a night in Hell, primitive campsites are available at $8 a night.