A good, down-home, breakfast, lunch, and bakery spot, there's a reason they call it the Donut Hole. The doughnuts are delicious here, not overly sweet, and miles above what you'd find at a drive-through. Creative flavors make for difficult decisions, but for doughnut purists, the plain are, as the kids say, legit. Do not miss the red velvets—they sell out early. Some love the Key Lime Pie, too, but that's a sensitive subject. French toast is pretty stellar as well. Should you find yourself here for breakfast on weekends, be prepared for a wait out the door, as seating is first-come, first-served. And as breakfasty as the place is, don't miss the lunch fare—a hearty Reuben sandwich or a greasy burger—which goes right along with the place's diner vibe. During the summer season, the Hole is open 24 hrs., which makes it an ideal pre-and post-hangover spot as well.