Like the characters in the movie, your consciousness will be transferred into the body of a nameless Na’vi as they ride a dragon-like creature, called a banshee, over the wonders of Pandora. Or that’s the premise, and it’s accomplished rather brilliantly, starting with a body scan to prep you for the transition. Easily one of the most elaborate attractions in Disneydom thanks partly to a sensationally decorated queue, the 4-and-a-half-minute ride feels intense even though it’s all basically you straddling a bike-like vehicle (it secures you by gripping your legs and clapping your back) in front of a very big movie screen.

The concept works a lot like Soarin’, but with a 3-D film, more intensity, and a lot more twists and stomach-grabbing motion-simulated dips. Pay special attention to the physical feedback your seat gives your legs as you travel. The entire point is to take in landscapes, not terrify you or make you think. Tip: Some larger guests report difficulty fitting on the vehicle, so test the sample out front. The theatre is multi-leveled, so you have a hard time with stairs, ask for sections 1C or 1D; section 2 is evenly in the middle and 3 is at the top. Also, pee before you get in line. 

People tend to beeline straight for this ride when the park opens, so the line is longest at the start of the day and it wanes with time.