A good rainy-weather option is this 3-minute indoor time-travel ride in which all-terrain “Enhanced Motion Vehicles” simultaneously speed and shimmy down an unseen track, all as hordes of roaring dinosaurs attempt to make you dinner and an approaching asteroid shower threatens to do everyone in. Some kids, and even some adults, find all those jaws and jerky movements rather intense, and it’s extremely dark and loud, but ultimately, it’s a fun time, even if the perpetual darkness makes me wonder how much money Disney saved in not having to build more dinosaurs. Like many modern rides, well-known actors perform in the preshow video; this one’s got Phylicia Rashad, fiercely overacting, and Wallace Langham, in a horrific tie. The line never seems to be as long as this ride deserves. On the path to the ride, don’t ignore Dino-Sue, the 40-foot-long, full-scale T. rex skeleton—it’s a replica of Sue, the most complete specimen man has yet found. The original, unearthed in South Dakota in 1990, is on display at Chicago’s Field Museum. The Cretaceous Trail, at the head of the path, showcases ferns and American alligators extant in that period.