The lavishly themed roller coaster is mostly contained in the “snowcapped” mountain looming nearly 200 feet over the park’s east end (if it were any higher, Florida law would require it to be topped by an airplane beacon). The queue area is a beautifully realized duplication of a Himalayan temple down to the tarnished bells and red paint; portions of it are exposed to the sun, so drink something before you queue up.

The coaster itself is loaded with powerful set pieces: both backward and forward motion, pitch-black sections, and a fleeting encounter with a 22-foot Abominable Snowman, or Yeti. As with all Disney rides, the most dramatic drop (80 ft.) is visible from the sidewalk out front, so if you think you can stomach that, you can do the rest. There are no upside-down loops; the dominant motion is spiral. It’s especially exciting to ride at night. Strategy: The seats with the best view, without question, are in the front rows, although back rows feel a little faster. The single-rider line (enter by Bazaar Gifts) is one of the resort’s fastest-moving and most fruitful.