One of the best shows at Disney right now is a fast-forwarded version of the movie by the songwriters of the Oscar-winning tune “Let It Go.” The story was heightened with such catchy added songs as “Fish Are Friends, Not Food” and the infectious, Beach Boys–style “Go with the Flow.” Just as in the Broadway adaptation of “The Lion King,” live actors manipulate complicated animal puppets in full view, which allows the fish to appear as if they’re floating in the sea. It’s remarkable how quickly you stop paying attention to the humans—at least, until they start flying, with their puppets, through the air on wires. Then you’re just amazed. Sprightly, bright, colossal, and energetic, this winning 40-minute show is a good choice for taking a load off (the bench seating is indoors), and even those who know the movie backward and forward will find something new in the vibrant vigor of the delivery. Strategy: Because some scenes (including the introduction of Dory) happen in the aisle that crosses the center of the theater, sit in the rear half of the auditorium.