Hidden in the flying roots of the Tree of Life, in a cool basementlike theater, you’ll find a cleverly rigged cinema showing a 10-minute 3D movie based on the animated film A Bug’s Life. When the stinkbugs do their thing or the tarantula starts firing poison quills, you’ll never quite be sure what’s an image, what’s cutting-edge robotics, and what’s theatrical illusion. It’s one of the best sense-tricking movies at Disney World. Little kids who can’t distinguish fantasy from reality may be scared by the marvelously realized Hopper figure (voiced by Kevin Spacey in the movie but by a sound-alike actor here); sit in back (the first doors after you get your glasses) and to the left to be far from him. The indoor preshow area is decorated with posters for some funny entomological variations on Broadway shows (my faves: “Web Side Story” and “My Fair Ladybug”). Strategy: Upon exiting, go left to explore the trails (above) or right for the bridge to Asia.