For those of us who obediently rise and dance when commanded by Mickey Mouse, there’s this breezy, 23-minute show with lots of truly excellent puppets. (Warning for adults: You sit on the ground). It inspires such fervent participation from under-5s that it feels like a meeting for a kindergarten cult that you’re not a member of. Even if you don’t know the names Doc McStuffins or Vampirina, this sing-along revue is still pretty to look at, and Mickey, Donald, and friends make appearances. The parental units won’t be too bored, because this de facto Disney Channel ad is fast-paced, like changing the channel every 4 minutes. Obviously, anyone old enough to do a book report can skip it. Tip: It only happens once or twice an hour.

This show was suspended during the pandemic. Check to see if it has returned for your visit.