The super-popular 25-minute pyrotechnics show featuring character-laden showboats, a 59-foot man-made mountain, flaming water, and lasers projected onto a giant water curtain, takes place in the 6,500-seat waterfront Hollywood Hills Amphitheatre. Although it’s a strong show by dint of its uniqueness, it doesn’t play nightly. I’m always stunned to see people start arriving at the theater as much as 2 hours before showtime. Most people will be satisfied taking their chances and showing up within 30 minutes of showtime. The seating is hard on the derriere. Strategy: On nights when there are two performances (not common), do the second one, as it’s always less crowded. Sit toward the rear to avoid catching water from the special effects and to the right to make exiting easier.

This show was shut down for the pandemic but will return in 2022.