The 30-minute, bone-rattling tour de force of hair-raising daredevilry—rolling-boulder dodging, trucks flipping over and exploding—simultaneously titillates and, to a lesser degree, reminds you how such feats of derring-do are rigged for the movies. They try hard to convince you that they’re really filming these sequences—you may need to explain to young children why they’re lying about that, and about calling the lead actor “Harrison Ford’s stunt double,” but most kids understand the violence is fake. The acrobats and gymnasts are skilled, and the production values are among the highest of any show at a Disney park. The outdoor amphitheater is sheltered, and you can bring drinks and food. If you exit to the left, you’ll pass a tank used in the third Indiana Jones movie. Strategy: Arrive 20 minutes early, because there’s a warm-up. It’s mounted multiple times daily, listed on the app.