The big opening at DHS for 2020 was a boisterous indoor ride dedicated to the madcap world of animated short films from which this whole crazy Disney empire grew. Amazingly, this is the first ride to pay tribute to Mickey and Minnie (but if you’re counting, it’s the seventh Walt Disney World attraction based on a train). This slow-moving, sorta-1930s-styled kaleidoscope is visually dazzling, with lurid colors powered by some mysterious and hypnotic technology, a trackless ride system that shuffles vehicles mid-adventure, some strategic puffs of wind, appearances by Goofy and Daisy and a few more friends, and a wacky multi-scene romp so ridiculous (but tame) that even small children will enjoy themselves. Keep your eyes peeled for hidden Mickeys galore, but you won’t have much time, because it’s an ever-shifting eye-pleasing riot. It’s so impossible to take it all in, I call it Mickey & Minnie’s Ritalin Railway. The final result of this ride was so good that Disneyland is building one next. You might want to ride this one twice in your day at this park.