The tallest ride at Disney World (199 ft.) is one of the smartest, most exciting experiences at the parks, and it’s the best version of the ride at any Disney park. It shouldn’t be missed. Guests are ushered through the lobby, library, and boiler room of a cobwebby 1930s Los Angeles hotel before being seated in a 21-passenger “elevator” car that, floor by floor, ascends the tower and then, without visible tracks, emerges from the shaft and roams an upper level. Soon, you’ve entered a second shaft and, after a pregnant moment of tension, you’re sent into what seems to be a free fall (in reality, you’re being pulled faster than the speed of gravity) and a series of thrilling up-and-down leaps. The fall sequence is random and you never drop more than a few stories—but the total darkness, periodically punctured by picture-window views of the theme park far below as you become momentarily weightless, keys up the giddy fear factor. It’s impossible not to smile.

Strategy: In the preshow “library” room, move to the wall diagonally across from the entry door and you’ll exit first, saving time. In the boarding area, the best views are in the front row, numbered 1 and 2, although you may not be given a choice. Chickens can bail down the stairs before the ride boards.