Wearing 3D glasses, passengers shoot their way through a series of six animated indoor midway games (themed as Woody’s suction-cup shooting game, a Little Green Men ring toss, and the like) based on the Pixar toy box characters. Along the way, air puffs heighten the reality.

Your cannon is easy to work and easy on the hands—you just tug a cord and it fires. Racking up points is harder; both accuracy and intensity count—a top score for the whole month might be 584,000 (my record is 212,600). The queue area, stuffed with outsize toys such as Etch-a-Sketch and Barrel of Monkeys, makes waiting a delight: A 6-foot-tall, lifelike Mr. Potato Head entertains with live interaction and hoary jokes (“Is this an audience or a jigsaw puzzle?”). All in all, this one is delightful.