Close to Heuston Station and Phoenix Park on the western end of the city center, the Ashling is a modern six-story hotel. Basic double rooms have generic corporate-style decor, but deluxe rooms are more distinctive and spacious, with comfortable beds and large windows overlooking the city. Chesterfield’s restaurant serves classic Irish fare, incuding a daily lunchtime “carvery” (roast meat, potatoes and vegetables, served buffet-style). Central Dublin is a 10-minute tram ride or a 25-minute walk, but, handily, this is the last stop before the airport on the Airlink bus (see p. ###). Tip: Stroll through Coppies Memorial Park, opposite the hotel, to see the semi-nude bronze statue of Anna Livia, a character in James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake. She appears to float above a pool of water—thus earning her the nickname “the Floozie in the Jacuzzi.” For more on the acerbic wit of Dublin statues’ nicknames, see p. ###.