The Dublin outpost of Hilton’s high-end brand is all about the luxury. Beds in the spacious, modern guest rooms are sumptuously comfortable (and refreshingly large for a European hotel, even in the cheapest rooms). Color schemes of chocolate and cream, or oatmeal and royal blue, help convey an air of elegance without feeling too fussy. Thoughtful touches, such as Nespresso machines in every room, are welcome—although charging for something as basic as Wi-Fi, when almost every good B&B in the city now provides it for free, is parsimonious. That said, this place feels geared more toward business travelers on expense accounts than tourists. But that’s not always a bad thing. Some rooms were being refurbished as this book was being written, and the lobby has been redesigned with a stylish bar and bistro, which offers an excellent afternoon tea and is popular with locals.