This upscale British-New Zealand chain has recently started springing up in Ireland, and a welcome import it is, too—they make some of the most reliably good burgers in town. Portions aren’t huge, but there’s something for everyone—get yours classic and simple, or opt for one of the more imaginative creations (such as the chicken, Camembert, and cranberry burger, or the spicy Habanero, with a fruity chile-tomato salsa). There are even some good veggie choices, such as a delicious homemade falafel burger, served with tahini and Sriracha sauce. Dessert options are a little limited, but the enormous malted shakes more than make up for that. Other Dublin branches are at 5 South Anne St. ([tel] 01/672-8559) and 14 South William St. ([tel] 01/679-0537).