This exceptional takeout has served many a hungry late-night, post-pub customer in this part of Dublin over the years. And while it may look rough-and-ready, the cooking is some of the best Indian food in the city. Everything is prepared in an open kitchen right in front of you—as tantalizing as it is hypnotic—and everything is to-go only. If, alas, your hotel doesn’t allow takeout food in the  guest rooms, our advice is this: Smuggle! Cheat! Every mouthful will be worth it. Try a classic jalfrezi or Madras, with your choice of meat, prawns, or vegetables, or perhaps a juicy, barbecued chicken tikka, with pilau rice (spiced with cumin and cardamom). Be sure to order a few poppadoms (large pieces of very thin, fried crispbread made from chickpeas) and a naan bread to mop up the thick, perfectly balanced sauces. No frills, no fuss, just deliciously authentic cooking.