There are actually three restaurants here under the Super Miss Sue umbrella, each serving excellent seafood to a trendy crowd. Luna is the most formal of the three, but the quirky Café has the best atmosphere. Cod, tuna, salmon, prawns, and oysters are served several ways, or you could go for one of the enormous house special platters. That said, Dubliners will tell you that the best of the SMS treats are to be had at the third option—Cervi, the excellent “chipper,” offering traditional fish and chips with one eyebrow raised ironically. Along with the usual fried fish fare, on its menu you’ll find an upscale version of the chip buttie (basically a French fry sandwich), as well as a Moby Dick (a fried fish sandwich) and its twin, the Moby Chick (a fried chicken sandwich). Go on. You know want to try. Join the Dubliners in line.