You know that 1929 Disney animation of the Skeleton Dance? It’s the one that usually gets played around Halloween. If it creeps you out, you’ll want to steer clear of this this museum. Curated by artist Bruce Mahalski—who is known for creating intricate and strikingly beautiful sculptures and masks made out of bones—this 1870s Victorian villa houses an extensive skull collection (including, yes, human skulls) alongside plastinated and mummified animals, ethnological art, and other unusual cultural artefacts. But what truly sets this macabre museum apart—other than the obvious—are the stories that Mahalski tells with his placards, carefully and colorfully identifying each object’s provenance. Mahalski believes the museum, which is set in his home, is his greatest work of art. He’s usually on-site and very happy to answer questions. As the sign on his desk reads, he’s “actually very friendly” despite his bone-collecting ways.