The concept is simple: a choice of two starters, a set soup course, a choice of two mains, a set cheese course, and so on. The works of art presented to awed diners at 21212, however, are anything but simple. Michelin-starred chef Paul Kitching takes the wow factor and lets it spiral into outer space. Breezing into the Scottish capital in 2009 with his open-kitchen theater the dramatic restaurant design features a giant moth-themed carpet, crystal chandelier, and cool gray color scheme. The four-story Georgian townhouse also has four luxury rooms and private dining "pod" with a pink marble table, circular cream leather banquette, and a huge cherub-laced Caravaggio. But the food is the star. Each course is a multi-layered, multi-faceted explosion of flavors: a cauliflower cheese starter for instance, was an invention of Gruyere risotto, black pudding, apple, walnuts and sultanas, roasted onion, cauliflower and Branston pickle—with foam. It's not complicated. Book a table.