Aizle rhymes with hazel (and is the old Scots word for spark or ember). At first glance the new-fangled culinary style—Scottish Neo-Bistro—might set your teeth on edge, but go with it. You haven't seen the menu yet. In fact, there isn't one, just a list of ingredients from which your four-course tasting menu will be conjured. Yes, it's gimmicky, but it's fun and adds a sense of adventure to your dining experience. It can feel a bit like the Generation Game trying to remember what's in each dish as it's reeled off. Our list featured foraged wildflowers sea aster, sea plantain, and pink purslane, and mead, miso, feuilletine (sweet patisserie flakes), and bee pollen. The boudin blanc with purslane, celeriac, and slithers of pear was exquisite. The husband and wife team behind Aizle, which opened in April 2014, is Stuart Ralston, a Scottish chef who's worked with Gordon Ramsay in New York and Krystal Goff, a mixologist from Seattle. The décor is a little more shabby than chic—or possibly done up in a hurry—but the culinary mystery tour was magical.