Patagonia's Famous Peaks

The Cerro Torre and FitzRoy groups may be two of the alpine world's most recognized skylines, made famous by decades of unbelievable mountaineering feats, and by the U.S.-based Patagonia Inc. clothing company, which chose this horizon as its company's logo. Climbers consider these among the toughest challenges on the planet. They are also a remarkable display of natural beauty, with a rich human history of struggle, controversy, and extraordinary achievement. Whether you're a serious climber or a nonclimbing mountain lover, these peaks are sure to inspire. From left to right, on those exceptional clear days, here is what's making your jaw drop:

  • Cerro Torre: At 3,102m (10,174 ft.), this granite needle sticks straight into the sky. Its first ascent has been the subject of debate for 50 years, since photographer and climber Tony Egger disappeared on what climbing partner Cesare Maestri claimed was the first summit. Maestri's account has been long doubted and debated. A recent team of climbers followed the route Maestri described and found it impossible to climb, with no apparent evidence of previous attempts.
  • Cerro Standhart: The granite needle Standhart, at 2,650m (8,692 ft.), is seen as a good warm-up for those attempting the summit of Cerro Torre.
  • Torre Egger: Named after Tony Egger, who allegedly climbed what was considered the hardest mountain climb in the world with Maestri in 1956. When Egger disappeared on the descent, along with his camera, he shattered the credibility of the summit Maestri claimed.
  • Pico Poincenot: The big one to the left of FitzRoy group, this spire reaches 3,002m (9,846 ft.).
  • Mt. FitzRoy: Named for Sir Robert FitzRoy, the Captain of HMCS Beagle, which brought Charles Darwin on his first voyage to South America, this magnetic giant stands 3,405m tall (11,168 ft.). For generations, the local Tehuelche people have called FitzRoy "El Chaltén," or volcano, because it is almost always covered by clouds, which they confused for smoke. To the left of FitzRoy are the spires Agujas, St. Exupery, and Rafael Juarez. To the right are Mermoz and Guillaumet.

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