Enter through the remarkable replica of Beijing’s Temple of Heaven. Make time to catch the Jeweled Dragon Acrobats, some of the most riveting street performers in the World Showcase. “Tomb Warriors: Guardian Spirits of Ancient China,” in the House of the Whispering Willow, is a miniature re-creation of a tiny portion of the legendary terra-cotta warriors of the Han Dynasty, scaled to the size of a hotel room (the original mausoleum is twice the size of Epcot). The Gallery also contains a few cases of figures dating as far back as 260 BCE.

Influences: Beijing’s Forbidden City (Imperial Palace) and Temple of Heaven.

Fun Stuff to Buy: Upon exiting the film, cross the hangerlike shop and enter House of Good Fortune, the main shop, which is particularly varied. It sells plum wine ($20), lots of Ts and teas, Chinese jackets ($50–$85 in silks, polyesters, and blends), jade bangles ($50), teapots ($50–$230), parasols ($14–$16), conical coolie hats ($12–$16), and paper lanterns ($3–$10).