France, done up to look like a typical Parisian neighborhood with a one-tenth replica of the upper stretch of the Eiffel Tower in the simulated distance (you can’t go up it), used to be popular mostly for its food, although the new Ratatouille-themed ride has changed that. Disney allowed Guerlain and Givenchy to open fragrance shops at Plume et Palette—turns out the smell of selling out is just like Shalimar. 

Influences: Various Belle Epoque Parisian and provincial streets; Château de Fontainbleu (the Palais du Cinema); the former Pont des Arts in Paris (the bridge to the United Kingdom).

Fun Stuff to Buy: Librairie et Galerie sells upscale fragrances. At L’Esprit de la Provence, 3-oz. sips of wine cost a scandalous $8–$12. 

Entertainment: Serveur Amusant, a thrilling street acrobat who does handstands on stacked chairs.

Character greeting: Princess Aurora, Belle.