There’s no line for a reason. It feels like Disney ran out of money halfway through the ride—one section of this slow track-based ride is simply a room of black curtains and painted boards. Its daffy purple dinosaur, Figment, once figured as Epcot’s most prominent mascot and now strains to act cuddly in his last, forlorn outpost. The ride purports to be an open house of the Imagination Institute run by Prof. Nigel Channing (Eric Idle), but Figment seizes control of the tour and offends your senses—your sense of good taste, though, is the most violated. This is the third attempt to get an Imagination ride right since 1982. The ride dumps out into ImageWorks, once a high-tech playground sponsored by Kodak but now with little more to do than assemble a Figment using touchscreens or purchase fairground-style composite gag photos. Look above the roped-off spiral staircase for a glimpse of the glass pyramids atrium, now forbidden, and you’ll get a sense for how this pretty half-closed pavilion is now rotten with neglect. You might have gathered by now that Imagination! is not Epcot at its best. However, the fountain pods in front, which shoot snakes of water from one to another, are a firm favorite of children, who never tire of trying to catch one of the so-called “laminar flow” spurts.