The Land’s other ride, after Soarin’, is a 14-minute (wonderfully air-conditioned) boat trip that glosses over the realm of farming technologies. It’s one of the last Epcot rides to provide a semblance of education, especially when you pass some experimental growth methods (like a nutrient film technique and aquaponics). These methods are being explored, or so we’re told, to curb world hunger, but the hard fact is that GMOs, which are not mentioned, won industry dominance years ago, and the activity in Epcot’s labs is intermittent, not the hive of active research it was meant to be. They do some stuff here though: Annually, they grow some 5,000 pounds of fish, which are served in Disney restaurants. This ride is original to opening day, although the live narrators were disposed of in favor of a recording. For those interested in the topic, the info will be too thin, but for those who are bored green, it will seem to last forever. Strategy: Boats load slowly, so go early or late to escape the inevitable buildup.