Skirting the lagoon clockwise, Mexico is your first stop. Everything to see is inside the faux temple, which contains a faux river (for the Gran Fiesta Tour ride), a faux volcano, and a faux night sky strung with lanterns. The Mexican Folk Art Gallery showcases whimsical carvings; “La Vida Antigua: Life in Ancient Mexico” is for artifacts and dioramas—one of Epcot’s fun secrets, the great stone medallion in its center seems to mysteriously fill with luminous color as you watch. In the main zócalo of Plaza de los Amigos from Tuesday to Friday mornings, look for Alba, who for more than a decade has hand-painted Oaxacan woodcarvings here; her brother Marco carves them on other days. Listen for the terrific Mariachi Cobre, which has performed here since the park’s opening day. There’s also a small tequila bar (chips and dip also for sale) and a crystal shop.

Influences: A diplomatic mix of Mayan, Toltec, Aztec, and Spanish styles.

Fun stuff to Buy: At the dusky La Cava de Tequila, knock back some of the house liquor or get a designer margarita ($11 to the mid-teens). Maracas ($6 each), Oaxacan woodcarvings (from $18), piñatas from $12, hand-painted pottery skulls ($26) and $7 mini sombreros. You can also buy a $28 “Hecho En Mexico” tee-shirt that was actually made in Pakistan. Oh, Disney.