Morocco is another spectacular pavilion, if you’re inclined to dig in. It flies higher than its neighbors because the country’s king took an active interest in its construction, dispatching some 21 top craftsmen for the job. There’s no movie or show (although Aladdin, the Genie, and Jasmine make regular appearances), and the architecture is a cross-country mishmash drawn from Marrakech, Fes, and Rabat. Fez House is a tranquil, pillared two-level courtyard with a fountain and seating that recalls a classic Moroccan home; Moroccan Style, a mosaic-rich exhibition of hanging lanterns and colored glass, is unjustly ignored. Ask a cast member (almost always from Morocco) to write your name in Arabic for you—it’s free.

Influences: Marrakesh (Koutoubia minaret), Rabat (Chella minaret), Fez (Bab Boujouloud Gate, Nejjarine Fountain), Casablanca.

Fun Stuff to Buy: The middle courtyards are cluttered with the souklike Casablanca Carpets and The Brass Bazaar boutiques that blend one into another. They are perfumed with incense ($3.75) and are stocked with interesting finds, including footstools, tassled red fez caps ($23), glass tea cups ($10), thuya wood dice sets ($19) hand-painted tambourines ($18), Persian-style machine-made rugs (from $26), metal hanging lanterns (from $30), and belly-dancer outfits ($85).