Morocco has no rides or shows, but it's another delightful pavilion if you’re inclined to dig in, although without any actual Moroccans running it, it's nowhere as interesting as it used to be. It flies higher than its neighbors because the country’s king took an active interest in its construction, dispatching some 21 top craftsmen for the job. The architecture is a cross-country mishmash drawn from Marrakech, Fès, and Rabat. Fez House is a tranquil, pillared two-level courtyard with a fountain and seating that recalls a classic Moroccan home; Race Against the Sun, a mosaic-rich exhibition about desert land races, is a little-seen exhibit that makes for a welcome respite.

Influences: Marrakesh (Koutoubia minaret), Rabat (Chella minaret), Fez (Bab Boujouloud Gate, Nejjarine Fountain), Casablanca.

Fun Stuff to Buy: Operation of the main Morocco shop, Souk-Al-Magreb, recently transferred from an outside vendor back to the Walt Disney Company, and consequently the shopping quality took a nosedive, but amid the tired Princess dresses and tee-shirts you may still find some incense, Thuya-wood boxes and bowls, and fez hats. 

Character greeting: Princess Jasmine.

Entertainment: A band sometimes jams by the water (check the app for times).