Next along is Norway, the youngest pavilion (built 1988), which is home to Maelstrom, the only other ride in World Showcase. Norway’s Akershus Royal Banquet Hall does princess character meals morning, noon, and evening. In the one-room Stave Church Gallery, check out a few genuine Norse artifacts (13th-c. bowl and spoon and 1828 tankard with a hollow branch for a spout) that are pegged to Frozen. Towering above it all, the wooden Stave Church is a Norwegian original; there were once around 1,000 in the country, but today, there are only 28. The Puffin’s Roost contains a 9-foot-tall troll—photo op alert.

Influences: Town squares of Bergen, Alesund, Oslo, and the Satesdal Valley; the 14th-century Akershus castle on Oslo harbor.

Fun Stuff to Buy: Laila body lotions (assorted prices) and foam swords ($11). At the bakery, try the $2.50 rice cream, a snack that those in the know are happy to make a detour for. I prefer the plastic horned Viking helmets ($12–17), bags of Daim candy ($15, even though it’s Swedish), and Olaf character T-shirts ($22).