This area between China and Germany was once slated to contain a pavilion canvassing equatorial Africa, but that fell through for political reasons, so instead, we get a mushy catchall for all things African. The Mdundo Kibanda store has some Kenyan carvings (like positively adorable $12 pocket-size giraffes) and you’ll find occasional storytelling sessions. Several days a week, a craftsman is on hand, whittling and carving wares—they seem engrossed in wood and knife, but they like answering questions too.

Fun Stuff to Buy: The too-easily overlooked Bead Outpost kiosk sells jewelry made from recycled Guidemaps and other outdated Disney park publications. The papers are sent to Uganda as part of the BeadforLife program to give impoverished women a sustainable income, and they return as water-resistant beads in every color. Necklaces are $20, bracelets $10, earrings $7, or you can pick your own beads to be sized right there.