The Land pavilion takes up 6 acres, more than all of Tomorrowland, and Soarin', sometimes called Soarin' Around the World, is a big reason why. In it, audiences are seated on benches and “flown,” hang glider–like, in front of a movie that flies over 13 world landmarks on every inhabited continent—that’s new; until last year it focused on California—while scents (grass, roses) waft, hair blows, and the seats gently rock in tandem with the motions of the flight. Now and then, something computer-animated flies at the lens, but mostly the ride is highly repeatable and deeply pleasurable for all ages. Strategy: Even with a third theatre now operating, wait times can exceed 2 hours (yeah, I know—crazy!), so schedule a Fastpass. The best seats are in the middle sections on the top row, where there are no feet dangling in your field of vision. That means you should aim for position B-1, or at the very least A-1 or C-1. Those with height terrors should request something ending in 3, the closest to the ground.

—Jason Cochran