Ben Franklin and Mark Twain are your Audio-Animatronic surrogates for a series of eye-popping (but ponderous) re-creations of snippets along patriotic themes. Moving dioramas of seminal events such as a Susan B. Anthony speech and John Muir’s inspiration for Yosemite National Park appear and vanish cinematically on a stage a quarter the size of a football field, leaving spectators marveling at the massive amount of storage space that must lie beyond the proscenium. It’s essentially a jukebox for national mythology, recently refreshed so it sounds better than ever, and the transitions between scenes are theatrical genius. Indeed, all that homespun corn is brought to you by some immensely complicated robotic and hydraulic systems. When this attraction first opened, the Declaration of Independence scene in which Franklin appears to mount stairs and then walk a few steps across the room was (and is still) a technical miracle. The Will Rogers figure actually twirls a lasso purely through robotic movements. Although heavy on uplifting jingoism, the show scores points for touching lightly on a few unpleasant topics, including slavery and a rebuke for the persecution of Native Americans, but in general, it’s not as deep as its stage. Don’t be the first to enter or else you’ll be marooned off to the left.