So much for being a generous host: The U.S.A. pavilion takes pride of place in an area that’s supposed to celebrate other countries. Inside, the superlative Voices of America singing group, which excels at thorny close harmonies, entertains guests waiting to attend the half-hour Audio-Animatronic show, The American Adventure. You’ll be impressed. Also in the lobby is the unfairly ignored American Heritage Gallery: See items from the Kinsey Collection pertaining to milestones in the African-American experience (an 1820 slave schedule, an 1832 bill of sale of an 18-year-old named Joe) and embellished with cool “story lanterns” narrated by luminaries including Whoopi Goldberg, Chandra Wilson, and Diane Sawyer.

Influences: General Georgian/colonial Greek-revival buildings (Brits often snicker that its Georgian architecture style is distinctly English).

Fun Stuff to Buy: Heritage Manor Gifts sells patriotic tat, such as presidential nursery blocks ($100), cookbooks, throw pillows, and tee shirts with the American flag that were actually made in El Salvador, Sri Lanka, and Thailand.