The heaps of bicycles outside this industrial building hint at the 500-person workforce inside, sitting at tables hand-rolling 45,000 cigars a day. Cavernous rooms are a hive of activity, with missile-shaped cigars lying wrapped in newspapers with the occasional torpedo hanging from a supervisor's mouth. The factory conducts short 15-minute tours explaining the different stages in the cigar-making process. Traded under the Perdomo label, Nic Cigar exports its wares to Miami, Austria, Mexico, and as far afield as Russia. The leaf is sourced from nearby fields, and the skins are imported from Indonesia and Cameroon to give each brand its own particular color and taste. The factory is located 5 minutes from town on the northern highway, just over the bridge and down a dirt track. There is no formal gift store, but it is possible to buy cigars at the end of the tour.