Even the security guard here has a fat cigar in his mouth. Tabacalera Santiago is an attractive cigar factory that offers a very comprehensive tour explaining all the stages that go into making a giant, aromatic stogie. A large, yellow-and-blue warehouse surrounds a courtyard with a fountain and palm trees. Piles of leaves dry under the sun, and hundreds of workers mill around and haul bales from trucks. Each room has a specific purpose, and a worker from each will stop to explain their purpose. There is a fermentation room where piles of leaves sit gathering taste with giant thermometers monitoring their temperature. In the skin room are vapor-soaked leaves imported from all over the world, which will be used as a final wrapper. In the assembly room, hundreds of human rollers sit at tables sprucing five leaves together to form a tight roll in a matter of seconds. The aging room displays giant cigars in a variety of shapes: magnums, Churchills, coronas, and twisters, all of which can be bought at the in-house gift store. Note: Call ahead to make an appointment for a tour. Tours are in Spanish. For an English guide, contact Hospedaje Luna.