The village of La Turbie is a den of fine dining. One could do far worse than try Corsican delights at A Stretta Corsa, 10 place Detras ([tel] 04-93-17-72-18), or cheese specialist Le Coin, 9 place Banville ([tel] 04-93-57-52-19). But nowhere compares to Jérôme. Michelin-starred head chef Bruno Cironi presides over a magic show of 10 to 15 dishes on each set menu. Nor does his team shy away from less revered regional delights like pigeon, chickpeas, and zucchini flowers. Not only that, but his allegedly self-taught wife oversees an enviable wine cellar. The establishment also purveys five classy bedrooms (doubles 98€ to 140€) and manages the altogether-simpler Café de la Fontaine next door, which has a daily market-inspired set menu for 30€ per person.