Imagine spending the night backstage at a community theater, with all sorts of props and costumes to get into, and you’ll have some idea what it’s like to stay at Aurora Express Bed and Breakfast. Now imagine this community theater is housed in seven retired railway cars, hauled up to a hillside overlooking Fairbanks, and presided over by a hostess inclined to dress up as “Margarita the Mexican Girl” and blast mariachi music when serving juevos rancheros for breakfast, and you’ll have an even better idea of what it’s like to stay there. Each of the 7 rooms has a name and a theme. The Can-Can Room, for instance,  sports a wire corset lampshade, a bedside table with mannequin legs in fishnet stockings, and leopard-skin valances over the windows. The Immaculate Conception Room, has altar chairs, stained glass, a bathroom that looks like a confessional, and the Virgin Mary looming over the bed. The dining car is loaded with goodies like rattles, drums, native dance robes, floozy dresses, and a moose suit. Sorry, though young ‘uns would enjoy the place, because of all the bric a brac around, only those over the age of 8 are welcome.