The name is apt, if you’re a nature lover: Surrounded by rainforests with stunning views of Puerto Rico’s east coast, it’s hard to have a more over-the-top experience of the beauties of nature than here (and we mean that in a good way; heck, you can walk to the entrance of El Yunque just down the road, or take hikes from the property). The rooms, for once, live up to the natural surroundings. Filled with art and freshly cut flowers, they’re downright sumptuous; two are located in the main house and one is set apart (if privacy is a premium for you, book the latter, called the Rainbow Room). Those who want to cool off, head to the infinity pool, or, since the property is right in the rainforest, take a plunge in a mountain pool beneath waterfalls. A superb breakfast is included in the room rate. No children are allowed.