This 40-minute show cave boat ride consists of three huge subterranean lake chambers and their interconnecting passages. In places the water reaches up to 120m (394 ft.) in depth making it a favorite location for international cave divers. Floating across the surface is distinctly less appealing, especially when there is a constant stream of other pontoons carrying Chinese tour guides that chatter away like typewriters, and domestic tourists repeatedly trying out the local echo chamber qualities. For those on a tight budget, there is a path at the back of the village that leads down to the first cavern. Once you have seen this, the other two are much of a muchness. There is also a path that leads up into the spectacular Jiangzhou karst valley, with its graphically sexual rock formations, an amazing rock arch bridge, and the longest underground tunnel in the province. The entire valley is around 30km (19 miles) in length, but the villages are well served by minibuses and this is a great opportunity to view this almost pristine area before it becomes a hugely popular attraction.