A swell example of a science museum that successfully leverages high tech and interactivity to make science fun for kids—and just as engaging for grownups—starting with a funky, 52-foot “kinetic-energy” sculpture out front called the “Great Gravity Clock.” One of the highlights on its two floors is an “EcoDiscovery Center” with simulated hurricane winds and Everglades airboat ride, and a chance to “dig” for fossils. Other cool stuff includes exhibits about space, minerals, and Florida flora and fauna including snakes, alligators, bees, even a living coral reef. Plus there’s a great hands-on area especially for tykes ages 6 and under. There are temporary exhibits like 2014’s “Goosebumps! The Science of Fear,” and the five-story IMAX screen is a big draw for young and old, too, with varied programing from nature films to Hollywood flicks.