One of the preeminent zoos in the country, the award-winning Fort Worth Zoo has a great layout of natural habitats and fantastic animals from around the world. I first took my nephew here for his fifth birthday, and we had a total blast (and he still remembers it a decade later). Among the 12 permanent exhibits: an "African Savannah" with endangered rhinos and giraffes; "Australian Outback and Great Barrier Reef" with kangaroos, wallabies, and lazy koalas; and "Asian Falls," with Komodo dragons, lots of apes, orangutans and rainforest monkeys, and Malayan and white tigers. "Texas Wild!" is an 8-acre expansion showcasing native Texas animals and a late-19th-century town, while the "Museum of Living Art" is a 30,000-square-foot herpetarium of 5,000 amphibians and reptiles, including North America's largest saltwater crocodile. Allow at least 2 or 3 hours here, though your kids probably won't want to leave.