The setting couldn't be more "Cowtown": a historic, brick former warehouse (with a classic pressed tin ceiling) centered around a long bar. But when you taste the food, and look a little closer at the groovy pieces of art, and the hipster staff, you'll realize that this place isn't like anywhere else in Fort Worth, or in Texas for that matter. That's due to the talent and imagination of chef/owner Tim Love who takes the same-old, same-old steakhouse concept and turns it on its cowboy-hatted head. Sure there are steaks, and mighty fine ones at that (hand cut on site). But you'll be missing out if you don't try the more unusual items on the menu like rabbit and rattlesnake sausage or nachos topped with kangaroo carpaccio. The main course aren't quite as oddball on the surface, but pack a flavorful punch; recent specialties have ranged from halibut en papilotte to Rocky Mountain elk loin with candied grapes and hen of the woods mushrooms.  And if you happen to catch a glimpse of Chef Tim Love and he looks familiar, here's why: he's been on Iron Chef several times, usually as the winning contestant.