Located just a 45-minute drive from the city, Cumbuco is where many Fortalezans come to spend a day at the beach. The big attraction? Beach and dunes. The main activity? The dune buggy ride. If a hair-raising buggy ride is what you're after, this is the place to visit. Drivers are able to take you on a roller-coaster ride over the shifting sands, dropping down steep inclines, swerving over piles of sand as if they were minor speed bumps, and skidding and sliding at almost vertical angles off the face of the taller dunes. Buggy rides cost R$100 (US$50/£27) per hour for a buggy that fits two or three people comfortably. Gentler beach activities include horseback riding R$20 (US$10/£4.50) for 30 minutes and boat rides on the jangada fishing rafts for R$10 (US$5/£2.50) per 30 minutes. Cumbuco is also one of the best places on the coast for kite surfing. Blue Wind Kiteboarding School (tel. 085/8837-1132; www.bluewindkite.com.br) offers equipment rental and lessons. If you know how to surf, 1-day rental of all equipment including wet suit runs R$200 (US$100/£54). If you want to learn, a 4-day basic course (8 hr. of instruction) costs R$750 (US$375/£203). If you want to come out early and make a day of it at the beach, the Aldea Brasil restaurant (tel. 085/3318-7541) makes a good base. The restaurant has a pool, sun deck, beach chairs, and bar, all of which are available to customers on the understanding that you'll order drinks and snacks and likely lunch at the restaurant. Open daily 9am to 6pm. Should you want to stay in Cumbuco, the Eco Paradise Hotel, Vila dos Pescadores s/n, Cumbuco (tel. 085/3318-7750; www.paradisecumbuco.com.br), has pleasant and comfortable suites for R$195 (US$98/£53) per night. Remember that after dark there is absolutely nothing to do here.