Wertheym operates three old-fashioned, atmospheric, and relatively inexpensive restaurants in the Altstadt: Restaurant Haus Wertheym, a half-timbered house on a cobblestone street just west of the Römer; Historix ([tel] 069/29-44-00; Saalgasse 19), an apple-wine tavern right across from it; and Römer-Bembel, a larger tavern with outdoor tables right on Römer square ([tel] 069/28-83-83). Wood paneling and antique accessories decorate the interiors of all three. The menus favor traditional dishes such as Frankfurter sausages, pork Schnitzels (breaded cutlets), Frankfurter Hacksteak (chopped steak), and a good Tafelspitz (boiled beef) that comes with the restaurant’s trademark green sauce. The waiters can be brusque when the places are busy.