This is the most unique vessel touring the Galápagos. Launched in 1997, the Mary Anne is a true three-masted square-rigged barkentine. Over 60m (197 ft.) long, including her bowsprit, she carries over 93 sq. m (1,001 sq. ft.) of sail and a maximum of 16 passengers. That's a lot of ship for very few passengers. When all her sails are set, she's an impressive sight. Heck, even at anchor she's pretty special. If you choose this vessel, you'll truly feel transported back in time. The air-conditioned cabins aren't quite as large and luxurious as the offerings of some of the other luxury cruise ships listed here, but the Mary Anne's food is good, and what you sacrifice in creature comforts you more than make up for in character and ambience. The ship carries kayaks for guest use, and one naturalist guide, which is a bit thin if they are booked to capacity. For a sailing vessel (with motor assist), the Mary Anne is surprisingly swift, and her itinerary is quite extensive and complete. These folks also run several other sail and motor vessels.